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Golfers and Their Trademarks

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Patent Infringement Opinions of Patent Counsel and Waiver of Privilege

Don’t Overlook Intellectual Property Insurance

Design Patents Underutilized for Protecting Club Head Design

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

IP Grab of the Week - Manufacturing Method for a Composite Striking Plate of a Golf Club Head

It Pays to Know the Rules - Molded Grips and the USGA

Published App of the Week – Optix Golf Company’s Mirrored Putter

Does Your IP Law Firm Require Associates to Bill 2000 Hours? If So, Watch Out!

The Sweet Sound of a Ball Dropping in the Cup OR The Smell of a Freshly Cut Green, Protect Those Non-traditional Trademarks!

IP Grab of the Week: Method of Designing Golf Club and Golf Club Head

IP Grab of the Week – What is this Category

Published Apps of the Week – A Big Week for Bridgestone Ball Applications

Calling All Golf Product Inventors

Best Golf Course Logos / Trademarks

Golf Ball Patents of the Week

USGA Rules on Clubs and Balls: Prevent Over-reliance on Tech Advances and Preserve Skills Differentials

Published App of the Week – Acushnet’s Explosion Welding Multi-Material Club Face

Competitive Intelligence – Simple Trademark Research Identifies Competitors' New Products

Practice, No Thanks – One of These Golf Tees Will Solve All My Problems

Putters - Design or Utility Patent

Classic Putter Patents - Fun and Educational

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