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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for April 2007

Interesting Design Patent - Graticule for Golf Scope

Patent of the Week – Acushnet’s “Golf Ball Dimples” Patent

Can You Identify this Putter just from the Shape of the Sole?

Would You Play This Club?

Pepsi in the Golf Club Industry?

Interesting Golf Glove Patent Application – Will Webbed Fingers Help Your Game?

Filing a Trademark Application is a Piece of Cake… Right?

Why it Pays to Put Patent Numbers on Your Golf Products

Will Golf Ball Patent Infringement Lawsuits Cause Acushnet to Take Their Eyes Off the Ball and Relinquish Their Title “The #1 Ball in Golf”?

Today is World Intellectual Property Day - Enjoy the Party

An Interesting Wedge Utility Patent Issues… Can You Identify the Brand?

Fascinating IP of the Week – Interesting Golf Grip and Glove Patent Issues

A Blast from the Past… Can You Identify The Manufacturer of this Hybrid Set?

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Common Intellectual Property Mistakes of Small Businesses” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

IP Grab of the Week – Is the National Chiao Tung University Getting Into the Golf Business?

Is Nike In Trouble for Theft of Golf Club Design? The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Sends Case Back to the District Court

Can You Identify This Golf Club Head? Test Your Knowledge of Iron Designs

Interesting Golf Grip Patent Applications

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs

Fascinating IP of the Week – Doesn’t Everyone Need a Golf Ball Heater

Patent of the Week – Adjustable Weighted Nike SlingShot Irons (will they make it to market?)

IP Grab of the Week – Fu Sheng’s Elastically Deformable Club Head

IP Grab of the Week – Golf Cart with Lightening Protection

A Big Week for Golf Ball Patents

Great Interview at the EagleParBirdie Blog Regarding Patenting in the Golf Industry...

Fascinating IP of the Week – A Forged Advanced Perimeter Weighted Iron With Resilient Weight Insert

Golf Patent Attorney Humor

Another Banner Week for FootJoy – They Must Have A ReelFit With The USPTO

Think Adjustable Club Head Weighting Systems are New? Think Again

Top 10 Intellectual Property Verdicts of 2006 - The Awards are Staggering

Great Interviews with Former USGA Tech Director Frank Thomas at EagleParBirdie Blog

IP Grab of the Week – Multiple Material Golf Club Head Tuned to Sound Sweet

IP Grab of the Week – The First Mention of Cleveland Golf on

Great Week for FootJoy: Three Golf Shoe Design Patents

Which Two Masters Champions Have Been Issued Utility Patents since 1976?

One More Reason to Admire Augusta National – The Trademark Portfolio

Intellectual Property Infringement Statistics; Filings, Trials, and Awards