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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for May 2007

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs

A Follow-Up Posting... If You Can’t Identify This Driver Then You Must Not Be A Golfer…

Patent Litigation – Where Were Most Cases Filed in 2006?

Ever Feel Like You Just Hit a Rock? This Putter is Designed to Feel Like You Hit the Ball with a Rock

Swing Plane Training Method Patent Application Looks Like a Promising Invention

Could This Glove Improve Your Game?

What’s Up With Taylor Made’s Inverted Cone Technology?

Think This Putter Will Make It To Market?

Another Famous Instructor and Inventor, David Leadbetter

What is Behind the Hollow Metal Core Golf Ball Hype? MOI of Course

Thinking of Landing that Next Great Job by Taking Your Employers Trade Secrets? Consider that an Ex-Coke Employee just Received 8 Years in the Clink

New Callaway Commercial Featuring Roger Cleveland (formerly of Cleveland Golf)

If You Can’t Identify This Driver From The Design Patent Drawings Then You Must Not Be A Golfer

Hank Haney Files for Trademark Protection of …. HANK HANEY

A Few More Interesting Golf Club Trademark Applications Filed So Far This Year – Perhaps We Will Soon See a PING Phapsody, Taylor Made r11, or Taylor Made Black Max on the Market

Can Membership at Augusta Cost Your Company Millions?

A Look at Callaway’s Trademark Filings this Year – A Potential Glimpse into New Product Offerings

Can You Identify This Putter? The Most Difficult Test So Far

The IP Golf Guy was a Guest on Tee Time Radio Program

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs

Templates For Marking Balls Are All The Rage – Check Out This Design Patent

Golf GPS Devices - The Center of Attention in Recently Filed Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Breakthrough in Golf Cart Design… Perhaps Not

Some Driver Manufacturers Tune Club Heads for that Perfect Sound… Others Seek to Attenuate (Deaden) the Sound of Impact

Callaway Granted Multi-Layer Face Insert Patent

Patents by Dave Pelz – Phil Mickelson’s Short-Game Coach

Patent of the Week – “Air Cushion” Golf Grip Patent

Design Patent of the Week – Unique Golf Tee DESIGN Patent

Fascinating IP of the Week: The Future of Sand Wedges… Probably Not

IP Grab of the Week: Another Interesting Golf Club Shaft Patent Application

Likely to See This Head Cover at The Players Championship?

Interesting Golf Shoe Spike Patent Application

The True Cost of Patent Litigation

I Have Been Playing Over 20 Years and Have Never Thought to Myself… Is Sand Stuck to the Bottom of My Shoe? Might it Cause an Injury?

Props to Ogio – Finally an Interesting Golf Bag Related Utility Patent

A New Meaning for PGA… Personal Golfing Assistant

Fascinating IP of the Week – Ridiculous Club Design or the Next Great Breakthrough?

Patent of the Week – Golf Ball with Clear Cover and Cool Looking Insert

Design Patent of the Week – Golf Cart Design

Your Web Address is Intellectual Property… Choose With Care…

Golf Inventors Watch Out for Invention Promotion Companies; They Are Advertising a lot on The Golf Channel

USGA Senior Technical Director, Dick Rugge, as Inventor

Having Trouble Reading the Greens? This Inventor Feels He has the Solution

Want to Increase Your Club Head Speed? Consider this Unique Club

Interesting Design Patent - Graticule for Golf Scope

Patent of the Week – Acushnet’s “Golf Ball Dimples” Patent

Can You Identify this Putter just from the Shape of the Sole?