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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for June 2007

Shanks… Hosel Rockets… No Matter What You Call Them, We Have All Had Them; Inventors Have Been Designing Clubs to Prevent Hosel Rockets Since 1921

Vulcan Golf Sues Google

How Good are You with the Foot Wedge? Perhaps this Invention will Help

A Club That Gives New Meaning to Getting Your Keel Stuck

An Interesting Golf Grip Patent Application Publishes

Has Patent Protection in the Golf Industry Gone Out of Control?

Can You Identify This Wedge? Finally… A Wedge Design Patent

Can You Identify This Golf Club Head? Test Your Knowledge of Iron Designs

A Post for the Motorcycle Riders

Callaway Granted Golf Ball Patent on Liquid Filled Golf Balls... Is it the Future of Golf Balls?

A Perimeter Weighted Golf Ball Patent Issues to Acushnet… And Why Average Golfers Should Not Be Playing the Same Balls as the Pros

Can You Identify this Driver? Yet Another Driver Design Patent

Cleveland Golf… A Square Driver?

Torture Device or Golf Teaching Aid

Interesting Putter Patent Application Publishes… But Could It Actually Work?

Can You Identify These Drivers? 5 More Driver Design Patents Issued this Week

Did You Know That “Stimpmeter” is a Registered Trademark? Who Do You Think Owns It?

USGA’s Trademark Portfolio Associated with the US Open

Oakmont’s Trademark Portfolio

Have You Ever Wondered if Attaching a Laser to Your Cap Would Help Your Game?

The Future of Irons? Three Rounded Modules and an Oblong Island... What

Who Actually Heats Their Golf Balls?

Callaway Sues Acushnet Again… This Time for Infringement of 5 Golf Club Patents

A Blast from the Past… Can You Identify this Driver?

Another Great Golf Cart Design? Probably Not

Bridgestone Has Been Busy; Last Week They Had 1 Patent Issue and 9 Applications Publish!

The Solution to Your Swing Problems? ImpactStik Patent Application Publishes

Golf Club Manufacturers PAY ATTENTION… Nike Trademark Application for Yellow on Sole of Golf Club Will Be Published for Opposition on June 26th

There Must be Money in Golf Tees – Check Out a Recent Golf Tee Design Patent

Why a Jury Awarded $2.2 Million to Callaway at Maxfli’s Expense & Why You Must be Careful in Your Comparative Advertising

A First on the Golf-Patents Blog, A Patent Covering a Golf Cup

Acushnet Granted Patent on Ball Designed for High Swing Speed Golfers… In Other Words, A Ball Aerodynamically Designed for the Pros

Another Driver Design Patent… Recognize this Driver?

Can You Identify This Golf Club Head? Test Your Knowledge of Iron Designs

A Bag Suited for Al Czervik (aka Rodney Dangerfield) of Caddyshack

Srixon Awarded Interesting Two-Tiered Dimple Golf Ball Patent

Are You One of Those Golfers that Must Tee Your Ball Up Just Perfectly Every Time? You Know… The One That Drives Everyone Else in the Foursome Nuts. Perhaps This Golf Tee Invention Will Help

A Potential New Product for Up and Coming Club Manufacturer?

Interesting Use of Design Patenting for Putter Surface Treatments – Congratulations Cleveland Golf

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs