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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for September 2007

Interested in Patent Litigation?

Yet Another Swing Training Device Invention… An Armband, Bungee Cord, and Hosel Clamp

Just What I Need, A Putter Attachment With Level and Crosshair Sight

Finally, An Interesting Golf Shoe Utility Patent Application

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Intellectual Property Strategy” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

Golf Geeks Get Ready… There is Finally a Replacement for Your Combination Watch / Calculator, and It Tracks Which Clubs You Hit During Your Round…

Finally, No More Having to Remember What Type of Golf Ball You Are Playing, Let Alone that Pesky Number… Forget About Having to Mark Your Golf Ball… Just Remember What it Smells Like

Just What Every Golfer Needs, a Putter that Makes Putting More Difficult

Hot New Golf Invention? “Waterproof Protective Overshoe for Golf Shoes”… Could They Ever Sell Enough of These to Cover the Cost of the Patent Application?

Another Driving Range Invention With Special Application to ALL the Double Decker Driving Ranges in the United States

What Could Make Your Time at the Driving Range More Interesting? How About Universal Product Codes on the Balls and an Automated Scoring System

It’s All About the Dimples… Are Your Dimples Bilaterally Symmetric? Is a 344 Dimple Ball on the Horizon?

Just What Every Course Needs… Advertising in the Cup

Recognize the Driver of this Golf Club Design Patent?

Golf Inventions Directed to Tracking Errant Golf Shots; Everything from a 1925 Spring-Wound Noise Generating Golf Ball to a 2007 GPS Golf Ball Location System

Crazy Club of the Week; Is It a Driver or a Putter?

Golf Grass Patents Are Far and Few Between… A Post for the Golfer with a Green Thumb

New Free Resource for Creating Clean (Advertisement Free) PDF’s of US Patents and Published Applications

What is Wrong with this Patent Drawing? (... what happens if your patent lawyer / drafter isn’t a golfer...)

There is No Shortage of Brain Power in the Golf Industry!

Everyone Has Heard of Hybrid Golf Clubs, but What About Hybrid Golf Balls

Get Your SkyCaddies by October 1st… Plaintiffs in Pending Patent Infringement Case Seek Preliminary Injunction!

TaylorMade Responds to Callaway’s Texas and California Lawsuits

The First Mention of This Club Manufacturer on the Golf-Patents Blog… Can You Identify These Irons? Two Challenges in One Post!

The IP Golf Guy Joined CJ and Ryan of Tee Time Radio for to a Discussion of the Final Five Inventions of the “Fore Inventors Only” Show

Review of the Final Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – Good Show, Ridiculous Results

A Look at Lie Adjustability

The IP Golf Guy Goes International – OK, That May be Stretching It, But I was Interviewed by the UK’s “Pods and Blogs” Radio Show on BBC Radio 5 Live

Golf Product of the Week… The Golf Club Ring

Club Head Adjustability Patents… Did the Club Manufacturers Predict the Recently Proposed USGA Rule Changes Years in Advance?