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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for December 2007

10 Intellectual Property Goals for the New Year

Does the Golf Shoe of the Future Include a Sensor, a Controller, and an Active-Response Element? Acushnet May Think So…

Interesting Golf Ball Retriever Patent Issues

Have You Been Looking for a Single Finger Golf Glove? If So, You May be in Luck… A Design Patent Directed to a Single Finger Golf Glove Issued Today

Clone Club Makers Are Coming Under Fire Again… Nike Accuses Several Defendants of Infringing 15 Design Patents

The Mesquite Nevada Golf Course Trademark War… Wolf Creek versus Hidden Wolf

SkyHawke’s SkyCaddie Products Will Not Be Pulled Off the Shelves… (Thus, I Don’t Have to Eat My Words)

PING Awarded Interesting Golf Bag Related Design Patents

A Leather Grip Patent and Trademark Infringement Battle is Brewing

The Verdict: Callaway Golf v. Acushnet Golf Ball Patent Infringement Litigation

The Golf Club Patent Infringement Battle between TaylorMade and Callaway is Over

How Well Do You Know Fairway Woods? An Interesting Design Patent Issued Yesterday on a Popular Fairway Wood

North Carolina Counterfeit Golf Club Group Busted

The Golf Patent Infringement Trial of the Year (Callaway Golf v. Acushnet); Apparently Phil Mickelson Isn’t Concerned with Burning Bridges

Dogleg Right Sues TaylorMade Golf for Patent Infringement of Two Golf Club Patents

If You Can Identify This Iron Then I Bet You Are a Future Golf Equipment Geek

Check Your Divot Repair Tool… You May Be A Patent Infringer

GolfTech Jumps Into the Golf Patent Infringement Litigation Arena with "Sport Swing Analysis System" Patent

“The court respectfully disagrees with the conclusion of the PTO…”; Callaway v. Acushnet Lawsuit Gets Interesting as Court Grants 2 of Callaway’s Motions for Summary Judgment and Denies 3 of Acushnet’s Motions for Summary Judgment