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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for February 2008

Another Look at Patented Putting Strokes

Looking to Achieve that Perfect “Ping” When You Strike a Putt?

Nike Golf Sued for Patent Infringement by Saso Golf

Acushnet Responds to Callaway’s Motion for Permanent Injunction… Unfortunately, it is Not Accessible to the Public!

Finally, A “Smart Golf Ball”!

How Well Do You Know Irons?

How Can You Go Wrong With A “Rocket Golf Tee”?

The Continued Quest to Prevent Hosel Rockets

Clubs That I Want for My Collection

Callaway Golf Sued for Patent Infringement by Ogio

Valentine’s Day Special: The “Sweetheart Putter”

If You Can’t Identify This Golf Club Head From the Design Patent… Then Order More Golf Magazines

The Driver Recognition Test of the Day... Can You Identify This Driver?

Last Week I Posted About a Fluid-Filled Bladder Golf Club Patent Application… This Week a Patent Issues on a Remarkably Similar Design… Turns Out That Smart Inventors Do Think Alike

A Frog Putter, A Spider Putter, What’s Next?... A Mouse Putter, of Course

Another Driver Design Patent. Do You Recognize this Driver?

What Gets the Testosterone Flowing on the Golf Course? (A) Hit a 300+ Yard Drive, (B) Make a Hole-in-One, or (C) Hop on Your Golf Scooter (that has “balance wheels’”) and Scurrying Around the Course

Can You Identify These Irons? (from a major manufacturer, yet I bet you can’t identify them)

If I Gave You a High Surface Friction Golf Ball Would You Expect More Spin or Less Spin When You Hit it With a Wedge? How About When Struck With Your Driver?

A Post About Fluid-Filled Bladders

How Would You Like the Opportunity to Ride Your Golf Bag Around the Course?