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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for March 2008

Patent Issues On The Use of Goose Droppings as Golf Tees

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs

A First on the Golf-Patents Blog… Can You Identify the Maker of this Grip from the Design Patent?

The Driver Recognition Test of the Day... Can You Identify This Driver?

Putter Knowledge Test of the Day… Can You Identify This Putter?

The PuttingDisc Receives Patent

Can It Be? A Stocking Stuffer Type Golf Training Aide That Looks Pretty Good...

Can You Identify This Putter? If So… You Know Your Putters!

Callaway Golf’s Reply in Support of Their Previous Motion for Permanent Injunction is In! Now the Motion is Fully Briefed and Ready for Action by the Court, PLUS My Prediction

Another Golf GPS Range Finder Patent Infringement Lawsuit Update

A Couple Tee Time Radio Show Interviews Are Available for Listening

Nice Patent Reexamination Example from the Golf Industry (A Polite Way of Saying… Here is a Good Example of Competitors Trying to Sink Each Others’ Golf Patents)

Clone Golf Club Makers GigaGolf and KrookedStix Fold to Nike and Agree to Permanent Injunction… King Sports Decides to Fight

Acushnet Responds to Callaway’s Motion for Permanent Injunction… The Redacted Version Is In and It Even Contains a Reference to this Blog!

An Update on the Titleist ProV1 Patent Infringement Battle

Another Look at Patented Putting Strokes