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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for April 2008

Interesting Patent for Iron Faces Issues to Pixl Golf… Are They Still in Business?

Holy Mackerel, Could this be the Next New Titleist or Cobra Driver?

How Well Do You Know Fairway Woods?

Callaway Hyper X and Hyper X Tour Added to the List of Clubs Accused of Infringing Acushnet’s Golf Club Patents

Does Your Golf Bag Need Some Bling? These Clubs May Be the Answer

Can You Imagine Microwave Instructions on a Sleeve of Golf Balls?

What the Heck is This Contraption? A Rather Unusual Golf Related Device Receives Design Patent

Think You Could Buy a Real Cleveland Wedge for $30? It Would be Nice, But Get Real! Cleveland Golf Sues an Alleged Counterfeiter

More Patent Infringement Litigation in the Golf Industry..... West Coast Trends Inc. (aka The Makers of Club Glove Travel Bags) Sues Armor Gear for Patent Infringement

John Daly Awarded $2.7 Default Judgment Against Hippo Holdings and Sues Hippo Golf Company

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Setting Up a Small Business Intellectual Property Protection System” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

My Sobering Return to Reality after 4 Days of Golf in Palm Springs

Will We See This Tee Debut at The Masters?

One More Reason to Admire Augusta National – The Trademark Portfolio

Which Two Masters Champions Have Been Issued Utility Patents since 1976?

Guess How Many US Patents are Currently "In Force"?

Yet Another Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Design Patents

Will the Court Order an Injunction Regarding Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls? If So, Will the Court Stay the Injunction Pending Acushnet's Appeal?

Patent Issues On The Use of Goose Droppings as Golf Tees

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs