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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for May 2008

Which Young Up & Coming Pro Is Taking the Protection of His Personal Brand Seriously?

How Well Do You Know Wedges?

The Best and Worst Golf Club Names Filed with the USPTO so far in 2008

Think Karsten Manufacturing May Have Something to Say About this Trademark Application?

The Tables Turn in the GPS Industry… Yet Another GPS Patent Infringement Case

The Dual Durometer Putter Face Insert Patent

Is the 107th US Open Winner Angel Cabrera a Patent Infringer? All PING Rapture Users May Be.....

Interesting Putter UTILITY Patent Issues on a Putter that You May Recognize

A Big Week for Driver Design Patents..... Can You Identify This Driver?

The Driver Recognition Test of the Day... Can You Identify This Driver?

The Quest for the Perfect Lighted Golf Ball..... Does It Exist?

“An Aid for Viewing a Golf Putting Green to Assist in Discerning the Subtle Variations in the Putting Surface,” Sound Good?

Finally, a “Jetdrive” Golf Club Head! Can You Imagine Air Leaving Your Club Head at a “Near Sonic Velocity”?

A Putter for the Classic Car Lovers, Especially if You Love the 1957 Chevy

Having Trouble Reading Your Putts? If So, This Invention May Be Just What You Need

Tired of Using a Sweaty Golf Glove? If so, This Invention May be for You

A First on the Golf-Patents Blog! Can You Identify this Chipper from the Design Patent Drawings?

Can it Be? A Practical Golf Ball Location System

Now, A Golf Club Patent Statistic That is Hard to Believe (if I had not come up with it myself)

A Golf Ball Patent Statistic That is Hard to Believe (if I had not come up with it myself)

Check Out This Golf Tee!

Interesting Patent for Iron Faces Issues to Pixl Golf… Are They Still in Business?