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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for June 2008

ProV1 Patent Litigation Update – Will Any of the Patents-in-Suit Survive Reexamination?

Remember the Golf Ball Gun from “Fore Inventors Only” Fame?

The Future of Golf Grips? Survey Says, Not Likely

Can You Identify This Putter? Test Your Knowledge of Golf Putter Designs

The Hybrid Recognition Test of the Day….. Can You Identify This Hybrid?

Finally, Just What Every Golfer Has Been Waiting For….. The Golf Club Urinal

Yet Another Swing Training Aid…. Yet Another One That I Would Try At Least Once

Some Golf Club Inventions Make Me Shake My Head and Say…. Even If It Were USGA Conforming, There is No Way This Club Would Help My Game

The Continued Quest for the Perfect Putter. Would You Be Willing to Put this Putter in Your Bag?

If You Can Identify This Set of Irons Then You Know Your Clubs!

A Look Inside the Callaway versus Acushnet Golf CLUB Patent Infringement Litigation

A Golf Cart Invention for Cigar Smokers

A New Callaway Fairway Wood? Perhaps

Acushnet’s Attempt to Counter the Counterfeit Golf Ball Industry

Is This Callaway Driver Radical Enough for You?

Need to Increase Your Swing Speed? This Golf Training Invention May Be What You Need, But Will You Be Embarrassed to Use it in Public

An Interesting Putter Utility Patent Issued Yesterday. Can It Correct “Inherent Visual Inaccuracies?”

The Future of Taylor Made Drivers? Will This Design Ever Make it to Store Shelves?

A PING Patent Issues on a Driver that You Probably Will Not Recognize

I Would Be Afraid to Use the Golf Grip Found in this Recently Issued Golf Grip Patent

Design Patent Issues on 2-Finger Golf Glove

A Vibration Reducing Golf Glove…. Sound Pretty Good?

Interesting Golf Shaft Design Patent Issues; Would You Use a Triangular Shaft

A Second Golf Bag Related Patent Infringement Litigation Case in Less than 2 Months! This Time Bag Boy Takes on Sun Mountain