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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for October 2008

Can You Identify the Pro that Invented this Putter?

You Will Have to See the Latest Published Acushnet Golf Ball Patent Application to Believe It!

Interesting Driver Designed to Prevent Hooks and Slices… Think It Will Make It To The Market?

Have Enough Fiber in Your Diet? How About in Your Golf Ball?

GPS Litigation Update: What Do the Phrases “Locating the Position of the Cup” and “Storing the Position of the Cup” Mean?

Ultra-Compact Collapsible Golf Pull Cart

Are You More Likely to See This Invention in the Bedroom or the Golf Bag?

An Unusual Putter Design That I Would Like to Try

ProV1 Litigation Update – Acushnet Updates the Court Regarding the USPTO’s Views of the Callaway Patents

Driver of the Future? Probably Not

Vokey Wedges Are All The Rage; So Let’s Look At Bob Vokey’s Inventions

What Organization Do You Associate With The Phrase “Share Your Passion”?

Hitting Your Tee Shots Too High?

Have Trouble Controlling the Length of Your Backswing?