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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for February 2009

All Golfers Are Familiar With The “Best Ball” Format, But What About The Patent Pending “Worst Ball” Format?

Callaway Has Balls with Deep Apertures!

Great IP Video Library Dedicated to all of You that Just Can’t Learn Enough about Intellectual Property

Finally, Logos Within the Dimples of a Golf Ball!

A Patent on a Method for Correcting a Golf Swing Using the Internet

Hippo Golf on the Receiving End of Another Trademark Infringement Lawsuit, This Time Over Alleged Imitation “Mitsubishi Rayon” Golf Shafts

Is Golden Tee at Risk? A Golf Game That Can Serve Double Duty and Help You Pick the Ideal Clubs for You

If You Can Putt With This Putting Practice Device Then You Should Be On Tour

How Can You Go Wrong With An Elephant Hazard On A Golf Course

Is It The Next ZeroFriction Tee?

Hot Product or Flop Product? The Golf Bag with a Built-In Pull Cart

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Trade Secret Issues Common in Small Businesses” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

A Triple Threat; Head Cover, Swing Training Device, and Wind Sock!