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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for March 2009

Grab Your Tape Measure, Patent Issues on the Proper Way to Determine the Ideal Shaft Length

Can You Identify This Driver?

Several uPlay Technologies’ (now Callaway) Patent Applications Publish, What Is The Next Step in Golf GPS Devices?

Everyone Wants a Piece of the Golf GPS Market (Including Qualcomm)

It is Just a Matter of Time before We See Rory or Anthony Kim Wearing the “All-In-One Golf Belt” on Tour

If You Record Your Swing at the Course or on the Range, I Bet You Would Buy This Product!

Can You Guess How Much Force is Applied to a Golf Ball as the Cover is Cast Around the Core?

Need a Few More Thoughts in Your Head as You Address the Ball? Try Wondering About Whether Your Ball has a Dimple Pattern Based on a Hexagonal Dipyramid Polyhedron!

Cool Bridgestone Golf Ball Dimple Patent Issued This Week, Could It Be The Key To Gaining Those Few Extra Yards?

DeLaCruz Golf Designs Granted Putter Design Patent Today

The New Plop Golf Centered Shafted Hosel Technology…. Breakthrough or Fluff?

Am I the Only Golfer That Thinks Scented Golf Grips are Unnecessary?

Next Hot Putter Grip or Broken Finger in the Making?

If One Shaft is Good Then Two Shafts Must Be Better…. Right? The Wedge and Putter Edition

What Has This Inventor Been Smoking?

Do You Really Understand the Technology in Your Golf Shaft? Harrison Sports Granted Interesting Golf Shaft Patent

The Love Continues: Callaway Sues Acushnet Regarding the Converted 2007 Pro V1’s and the New 2009 Pro V1x Golf Balls; Acushnet Sues Callaway Regarding the Tour i and Tour ix Golf Balls

Hot New Golf Swing Practice Device or Next Big Flop?