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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for April 2009

Sir Charles, This Invention is for You!

Oh No, Has “The Donald” Given Up On His Dreams of “The Donald J. Trump World Open”?

Callaway Received a Patent on the “C-Shaped Golf Club Head”; Will This Club Actually Make it to the Market?

Comparing Golf Patents to Those of Other Sports

Familiar with Golf’s Magic Lines?

Don’t Mess With the USGA; USGA Sues ISaAC Scoring Systems for Trademark Infringement

What’s Next for PING? You Can Probably Guess

What’s Next for Callaway?

Want to Reduce the Scatter of Your Tee Shots? Author of Several Golf Club R&D Books Receives Interesting Elastic Club Head Patent That May Help Out

Do Your Shafts Have Enough Fullerene? Perhaps Insulting Senior Golfers Is a Good IP Strategy

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Selecting Product and Service Names that Can be Protected” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

Do You Love Golf Enough To Try This Swing Training Aide?

Forget About Dual Durometer Grips; How About Variable Durometer Grips!

One More Reason to Admire Augusta National – The Trademark Portfolio

Perhaps I Should Re-Post My 2007 Masters Post and Give Lefty the Credit He Deserves

What’s Your Vector Victor? Check Out SRI Sports’ Swing Diagnosis System

Watch Out Hank Haney! Are Driving Range Kiosks the Future of Golf Lessons?

Grab Your Tape Measure, Patent Issues on the Proper Way to Determine the Ideal Shaft Length