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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for August 2009

Putting Problems? Perhaps This “Do-Drop” Putter is the Answer

Do You Know the Shape of the Inside of Your Golf Shafts?

Dial-In the Perfect Putter with Acushnet’s New Rotary Dial Putter; Innovative or Gimmicky?

Are Your Shafts Retaining Austenite? Poor Things

I Can’t Identify These Irons, Can You?

Another Golf Ball Patent Hoping to Eliminate Lost Golf Balls

More PING Groove Ideas

Cleveland Golf Is No Stranger to Protecting Their Brand; Now They Go After Clone Maker King Sports

Gamesmanship, Intimidation, Golf Shoes to Throw Your Competition Off Their Game

Nike is Cranking Out New Driver Designs; Which of These Designs Would Find a Place in Your Bag

US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: "Irreconcilably Inconsistent Jury Verdicts" Results in Remand for a New Trial Regarding the Original ProV1 Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Acushnet's Appeal to CAFC Successful in ProV1 Golf Ball Patent Litigation with Callaway

Ahh, There's My Problem; My Huge Driver Does Not Look Ridiculous Enough

Cleveland Golf’s Mystery Shopper Reveals Alleged Counterfeiters and Results in IP Infringement Lawsuit

Can You Identify This Fairway Wood? I Could Not

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Competitive IP Intelligence” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

Acushnet Weighs in on Groove Designs

Bridgestone’s Take on Grooves, and it is Similar to PING’s Take on Grooves

Ever Struggle to Get the Second Strap of Your Carry Bag Over Your Shoulder (of course you do, who doesn’t)? Well an Ogio Golf Bag Invention may be the Solution

It Ain’t Pretty, but I Bet There is a Market for this Putter