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Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Monthly Archives for September 2009

Now This is a Golf Glove!

Nice Looking Swing Plane Trainer

The Next Set of Titleist Irons?

What is the Next Step in Adjustability? Taylor Made is Considering Adjustable-Stiffness Shaft Tips

More Golf Tee Concepts from PING, This Time a "Set" of Golf Tees

Bizarre Golf Club Patent of the Week

Sorry to Disappoint but Golf Flip Flops Have Been Patented

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There is No Doubt That This Practice Putter Will Reveal Your Putting Flaws

OK, These Are The Shoes That Would Have Saved Tiger’s Knee! Maybe?

Has the Golf Ball Dimple Reached the End of its Useful Life?

Bizarre Golf Club Patent of the Week

Just What Every Golf Cart Needs, a Lift Kit

What’s Scotty Been Up To?

Finally Some Real Competition in the Golf Ball Industry

Bizarre Golf Club Patent of the Week; Native American Tool or Golf Club?

Your Next Gamer?

The Problem With Your Drives Is Your Lack of Soul (or Sole); Perhaps Acushnet’s Interchangeable Sole Driver Design Is The Solution

A Battle of the Spikes; Yet Another Golf Shoe Spike Patent Infringement Battle

Bizarre Golf Club Patent of the Week

Putting Problems? Perhaps This “Do-Drop” Putter is the Answer