The Next USGA Initiative to Grow the Game

You saw it here first!

How many 3-putts would you have with that!

Hopefully you realize this is NOT the next USGA initiative. The drawings come from a patent that issued recently as USPN 8,505,524 titled “bow apparatus and method for playing archery golf.” The application describes the invention as:

A bow apparatus comprising a bow having first and second tips, a string which is attached between the first and second tips, and a shaft having a first shaft end and a second shaft end. The first shaft end is secured proximate the midpoint of the string. The shaft passes through a shaft stabilizer. The second shaft end has a golf ball holder. The bow apparatus is used to play a new modified version of archery golf by holding a golf ball with the golf ball holder. The user pulls the shaft to tension the string, aims the shaft towards the cup target, and then releases the shaft to project the golf ball towards the cup target. The bow apparatus further comprises a putter block for hitting the golf ball into the cup target once the golf ball is close to the cup target and on the green.

I am not convinced that my scores would improve by playing archery golf!

Dave Dawsey - The Golf Patent Attorney

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