Betting These Cobra Golf Designs Never See the Light of Day

Check out the designs disclosed in a Cobra Golf patent application that published this week.

The images come from US Pub. No. 20130196784 titled “Setting Indicator for Golf Club,” which describes the invention as:

The invention generally relates to a setting indicator for a golf club having an adjustable attribute. The invention provides a component to serve as a setting indicator or setting display device for a golf club or a golf club having a setting indicator. The setting indicator includes a window and an adjustment mechanism configured to provide a golf club with a selected attribute while also displaying an indicia through the window to provide information about the selected attribute.
Sure, I could see them incorporating phospholuminescent or glow-in-the-dark pigment, heck it might even be pretty cool, but “LEDs or other illumination elements within or around window” – give me a break. Prove me wrong and I will buy one!

Dave Dawsey - The Golf Patent Attorney

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