A Hot New Entry into the Golf Equipment Market; Only for the Player that Will Settle for Nothing but the Best

Just imagine the look on the faces of your golfing partners when you stroll up to the first tee with the latest MILEY CYRUS brand golf bag, balls, and clubs!

That’s right, Smiley Miley, Inc. has applied to register the MILEY CYRUS mark for use on bags, balls, clubs, club covers, and tees. Looks like she is following in the footsteps of another golf equipment heavyweight, specifically Ms. Nicki Minaj (see THIS prior post). Check out this laundry list of items that are intended to become part of the MILEY CYRUS brand!

Toy foam novelty items, namely, foam fingers and hands; Toy artificial fingernails; toy novelty items, namely, die agitator provided with a window for viewing pieces containing positive or negative answers to previously asked questions; jump ropes; kites; marbles; music box toys; musical toys; toy musical instruments; flying discs; puzzles; electric action toys; battery operated action toys and action figures; infant toys; pet toys; bath toys; bendable toys; children's multiple activity toys; printing toys; drawing toys; mechanical toys; positionable toy figures; plastic character toys; ride-on toys; sand toys; stuffed toys; wind-up toys; action figures and accessories therefor; toy vehicles and accessories therefor; bobblehead dolls; bean bags; electronic learning toys; molded toy figures; toy animals; toy boxes; toy stamps; toy building blocks; toy butterfly nets; toy and novelty face masks; toy film cartridges and viewers; toy furniture; toy mobiles; toy putty; toy scooters; toy snow globes; toy watches and clocks; toy windsocks; toy robots; toy Christmas trees; toy bakeware and cookware; balloons; cases for play accessories; puppets; kaleidoscopes; poker chips; streamers; game tables; board games; action skill games; dice; dice games; party games; pinball machines; role-playing games; tabletop games; parlor games; card games; memory games; target games; arcade games; horseshoe games; swim floats for recreational use; inflatable swimming pools; swimming flippers; yoga mats; personal exercise mats; portable support structures for dance and other exercises; in-line skates; ice skates; body boards; wake boards; surfboards; surfboard leashes; aerobic steps; athletic sporting goods, namely, athletic wrist and joint supports; athletic tape. bags specially adapted for sports equipment; baseball gloves; softball gloves. batting gloves; basketball hoops; billiard tables; billiard equipment; body training apparatus; bocce balls; croquet sets; exercise machines; exercise platforms; exercise weights; fishing rods; fishing tackle; fishing lines; fishing reels; fishing tackle boxes; golf bags; golf balls; golf clubs; golf club covers; golf tees; gymnastic apparatus; scuba fins; scuba flippers; shin guards for athletic use; work-out gloves; water skis; skis; ski poles; ski bags; snowboards; table-tennis tables; table tennis paddles; paddles for use in paddle ball games; bouncing balls; beach balls; tether balls; balls for games; balls for sports; bats for games; racquets for tennis, squash, badminton, and racquetball; rackets; plush toys; play cosmetics; dolls and accessories therefor; doll play sets; doll clothes; doll costumes; doll furniture; electronic dart games; electronic educational game machines for children; electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; stand alone video game machines; hand held unit for playing electronic games; magic tricks; party favors, namely, paper party hats and party games; blow outs; party favors in the nature of crackers, noisemakers, and small toys; Christmas tree decorations; inflatable toys; playing cards; skateboards; roller skates; model making kits; yo-yos; badminton sets; dart sets
Serial Number: 86177968; Filing Date: January 28, 2014

Boy, that is one heck of a list! You can check out the trademark application HERE. How is that for hard-hitting golf reporting!

Could Smiley Miley, Inc. really have an “intent” to use the MILEY CYRUS mark on all those products?

Now for the trademark attorneys reading this post; unlike the NICKI MINAJ application where she personally signed the form bona fide intent-to-use declaration, the private practice attorney that filed the MILEY CYRUS application signed the declaration for Smiley Miley! Wouldn’t it be fun to read a deposition transcript questioning her about subjective intent and objective corroboration of the intent as of the time the application was filed?

David Dawsey – A Golfing Trademark Attorney
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