Nike Covert 3.0?

As I stated in a post back in April regarding some Nike Covert variations, golf equipment companies come up with a lot of club head designs in the process of developing one commercial product, majority of which golfers never get to see. Fortunately their patent applications often reveal some of the hidden gems that for one reason or another did not survive the process, or may be a glimpse of a future generation product. Check out these potential Covert driver designs!

The drawings come from a provisional application that led to an application that recently published as 20130324307 titled "GOLF CLUB AND GOLF CLUB HEAD WITH A CROWN RECESSED FEATURE," which describes the invention as:

A golf club includes a shaft and a club head. The club head includes a ball striking face, a heel, a toe, a rear, and a crown. The crown may include a substantially horizontally-oriented forward crown region extending rearwardly from the ball striking face. The crown further may include a primary recessed feature located rearward of the forward crown region and extending from the heel to the toe of the club head. The recessed feature may have a floor and a front wall extending upward from the floor to the forward crown region. The crown may further include a substantially horizontally-oriented rearward crown region extending forwardly from the rear of the club head. The recessed feature may be located between the forward crown region and the rearward crown region. A back wall of the recessed feature may extend upward from the floor to the rearward crown region.
Will we ever see these designs in a commercial product? My guess - not anytime soon; too radical.

David Dawsey – Keeping an Eye on Golf Inventions

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