Why I Love This Game

Because every hacker, myself included, thinks that they can pull off a 1 in 100 shot at least 50% of the time. This makes for great comedy if you aren't afraid to laugh at your playing partners, or yourself in my case.

A few years ago I shared a video with you about my Bill Haas shot from some slick smelly old pond mud. Recently I found myself in the same pond, only this time the ball was just under the surface of the water.

Like any good hacker I looked at it, thought about the day's bet and the fact that my partner and I were only 1 up (he was in his pocket on this hole), and I quickly came to the conclusion that I had this shot, despite the fact that the ball was under water and at least 8 inches below my feet. There was no doubt in my mind, I had this shot.

My partner knew better yet rather than trying to talk me into taking a drop and going for a tie, once again he pulled out his phone to record the incident. It should be no surprise that I did not have this shot. While I did advance the ball at least 100 yards into the fairway, we lost the hole and I smelled of defeat (or pond water that wasn't circulated all winter). Enjoy.

We did go on to win our match, and a chip-in on 18 sealed the match and almost made me forget about my stench.

PS - Keep the swing commentary emails to yourself. What would your swing look like in that situation (with your eyes shut)?

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