You Know What Hosels Have Been Missing? A Few Joints of Course

Two years ago I posted about an articulated hosel design by Callaway Golf. It was rather crude and I commented that a worm gear has no place on a golf club.

This week a patent (USPN 8,708,836) issued that revealed a more refined articulated hosel design. What do you think? The joint(s) is labeled #80 in the drawings below.

FIG. 2A shows a preferred embodiment of the present invention. The hosel 50 of FIG. 2A has a single, curved, concave bend with a joint 80 at the midpoint of the bend. The shaft connection portion 57 of the hosel 50 of this embodiment, which in this embodiment is equivalent to a whole upper segment 100 extending between the joint 80 and an opening that receives the shaft 58, may be pivoted or rotated about the joint 80 to modify the way the shaft and club head 40 are oriented with respect to one another. In a further embodiment, the upper segment 100 may be removed from the joint 80 and an alternative upper segment 100 may be substituted and attached to the club head 40 at the joint 80 for customization of the hosel 50. In these embodiments the upper segment 100 is not permanently affixed to the head connection portion 55 of the hosel 50.

FIG. 3B shows another embodiment of the present invention, wherein the hosel 50 has two curved bends, each bend having a joint 80, 85, and a curved (or straight, in another embodiment) intermediate section 90 rotatably connected to the head connection portion 55 at the first joint and the shaft connection portion 57 at the second joint 85. 

All I have to say is wow! Could such a joint withstand repeated impacts?

Dave Dawsey - Monitoring Adjustable Golf Club Inventions
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