Bulge & Roll are Essential to Keeping Mis-Hits in Play, but You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing

The inventor of this club head clearly falls into the “more is always better” camp. Think you could hit this club?

It sure would be fun to show up on the first tee and pull that beauty out.

The drawings come from USPN 3759527, which issued in 1973, and explains:

The unique club head design is in the form of an annulus or sphere or section thereof, and has no planar surface with which to align the ball. Without any locus of orientation on the club head with which to be confronted, the player will be allowed to make a more natural wrist release through the ball, and have less tendency to manipulate the hands in an attempt to realign the club head before impact. This action will in effect produce the desired increase in hand speed through the impact zone.
The point made here is that the use of the spherical golf head of this invention with its many striking surfaces brought automatically into play in the down swing will free the mentality of the golfer of any concern as to maneuvering a flat striking surface offset laterally from the axis of the shaft into a correct squared relation to the teed ball just at the moment of impact. The chief reason for releasing wrist-cock too early in the swing is thus removed. Moreover greater accuracy is instilled in the golfer in achieving point-to-point contact of a spherical club head with the spherical golf ball.

Great stuff. I can’t believe this driver isn’t on the market.

Dave Dawsey - The Golf Invention Lawyer @GolfPatents

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