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Callaway Golf Spoiler Alert; Seriously, A Spoiler Alert!

The Next New Technology for Titleist

And the New Entry into the Golf Equipment Market Is…

Introducing the Gravity Core by Cobra Golf!

What is APW?

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Most Anticipated Golf Product of the Decade

Let the Guessing Begin; The New PING Product is a

Humm, What Could Cobra Golf Be Up To?

Callaway Golf’s New Advertising Campaign… (warning, pure speculation)

Let the Speculation Begin....

How Long Before Rickie is Playing this Driver?

What Comes after RocketBallz?

Would You Putt with a Broom?

What Was that Putter Matt Every Used Two Weeks Ago at the Sony Open?

Callaway’s “Secret” Patent Application (Now Patent)

Year in Review

The Next New TaylorMade Product Line?

What’s Next in the RAZR Family?

Tribute to Steve Jobs, His First Patent

I Am Confused, Who Makes the Number One Driver?

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “IP Goals for the New Year that Every Small Business Can Implement” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

The IP Golf Guy Discusses “Competitive IP Intelligence” on the Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

What Could Heavy Putter Have In Store for Golfers? It’s Not a Putter!

An Update: Could It Be PING’s New G15 or i15?

Is Callaway Getting into the Movable Weight Technology (MWT) Game? Is this Callaway’s new Wing Notch Weighting (WNW)?

Cleveland Golf Cracks Down on Unauthorized Online Sales

Golf Balls are Big Business!

Comparing Golf Patents to Those of Other Sports

What’s Next for PING? You Can Probably Guess

What’s Next for Callaway?

Great IP Video Library Dedicated to all of You that Just Can’t Learn Enough about Intellectual Property

New Golf Courses.... Take More Care in Selecting Your Names; It Will Save A Ton of Money in the Long Run!

The First Bounty From The Bounty Hunter Program; A Chance to Earn $750 for Your Knowledge of Golf Clubs

Get Paid for Your Knowledge of Golf Products; Introducing the Bounty Hunter Program

Possibly the New Srixon Driver and Irons?

A Mizuno Golf Ball Design Patent Issues…. Do They Even Sell Golf Balls?

The Best and Worst Golf Club Names Filed with the USPTO so far in 2008

Think Karsten Manufacturing May Have Something to Say About this Trademark Application?

Callaway Hyper X and Hyper X Tour Added to the List of Clubs Accused of Infringing Acushnet’s Golf Club Patents

Another Golf GPS Range Finder Patent Infringement Lawsuit Update

A Couple Tee Time Radio Show Interviews Are Available for Listening

Nice Patent Reexamination Example from the Golf Industry (A Polite Way of Saying… Here is a Good Example of Competitors Trying to Sink Each Others’ Golf Patents)

Acushnet Serves Subpoena on the USGA!

What Company Received the Most US Patents in 2007

10 Intellectual Property Goals for the New Year

Judge Prevents Nike Golf’s New Marketing Director From Starting Work on Monday

TaylorMade Responds to Callaway’s Texas and California Lawsuits

The Ongoing Saga of Callaway and Acushnet… 1st Callaway Sues Alleging Infringement of 5 Patents… Then Acushnet Returns the Favor and Sues Alleging Infringement of 2 Patents and Asserting Invalidity… NOW Today Callaway Responds

Huge Antique Golf Club Auction and Exhibition in NYC

T-Golf LLC Has Eyes on “Golf’s Fifth Major”

They Invited Me Back… The IP Golf Guy was a Guest on Tee Time Radio Program

Callaway Granted Golf Ball Patent on Liquid Filled Golf Balls... Is it the Future of Golf Balls?

Bridgestone Has Been Busy; Last Week They Had 1 Patent Issue and 9 Applications Publish!

Golf Club Manufacturers PAY ATTENTION… Nike Trademark Application for Yellow on Sole of Golf Club Will Be Published for Opposition on June 26th

Why a Jury Awarded $2.2 Million to Callaway at Maxfli’s Expense & Why You Must be Careful in Your Comparative Advertising

Thinking of Landing that Next Great Job by Taking Your Employers Trade Secrets? Consider that an Ex-Coke Employee just Received 8 Years in the Clink

New Callaway Commercial Featuring Roger Cleveland (formerly of Cleveland Golf)

A Few More Interesting Golf Club Trademark Applications Filed So Far This Year – Perhaps We Will Soon See a PING Phapsody, Taylor Made r11, or Taylor Made Black Max on the Market

A Look at Callaway’s Trademark Filings this Year – A Potential Glimpse into New Product Offerings

The IP Golf Guy was a Guest on Tee Time Radio Program

A Blast from the Past… Can You Identify The Manufacturer of this Hybrid Set?

IP Grab of the Week – Is the National Chiao Tung University Getting Into the Golf Business?

Great Interview at the EagleParBirdie Blog Regarding Patenting in the Golf Industry...

New Golf BALL Product Names; A Look at Golf BALL Trademark Applications Filed in 2006

New Golf CLUB Product Names; A Look at Golf CLUB Trademark Applications Filed in 2006

2006 Golf Ball Published Patent Applications of the BALL Giants… the rest of the story

2006 Golf Club Published Patent Applications of the CLUB Giants… the rest of the story

Who Plans to Dominate the Golf BALL Market? 2006 Patent Statistics for the Golf Ball Giants

Who Plans to Dominate the Golf Club Market? 2006 Patent Statistics for the Club Giants

US Club Designers Beware: Nelson Precision Casting is Positioning Itself to be the Only Club Manufacturer

Interesting Golf Accessory Patent - Golf Bag Hydration Device

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