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Matty G the Inventor! Say What

The Next USGA Initiative to Grow the Game

One Inventor That Won’t Be Happy About the Anchoring Ban

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The Future of Golf, A Thoughtful Commentary on the State of the Game (or not)

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An Invention That My Beloved Buckeye Football Team Could Use

Forget About “Tee it Forward,” This is the Way to Make Golf More Fun

Is Their One Best Method of Achieving the Optimal Golf Stance? An Australian Inventor Thinks So and Has Patented It

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Day 3 of the Week Dedicated to Golf Course Patents

A Week Dedicated to Golf Course Patents - Day 1

Pull This Putting Invention Out on the Practice Green and You May Get a Few Stares

Are Your Balls Deformed? Come On, Golf Balls of Course. Well, This Putter Will Let You Know

Ahh, There's My Problem; My Huge Driver Does Not Look Ridiculous Enough

Would You Game This Driver?

Want to Reduce the Scatter of Your Tee Shots? Author of Several Golf Club R&D Books Receives Interesting Elastic Club Head Patent That May Help Out

What Has This Inventor Been Smoking?

Hot New Golf Swing Practice Device or Next Big Flop?

All Golfers Are Familiar With The “Best Ball” Format, But What About The Patent Pending “Worst Ball” Format?

A Patent on a Method for Correcting a Golf Swing Using the Internet

Hot Product or Flop Product? The Golf Bag with a Built-In Pull Cart

Looking to Get a Little Extra Distance Out of Your Drives? Perhaps You Need an “Assistive Energy Type Golf Club”

Really, Is a Heated Club Head Cover Necessary?

Talk About Alternative Energy! Why Not Generate Electrical Power From The Impact Of A Golf Club And Golf Ball?

Is Foam the Future of PING? Probably Not, But Check Out This Interesting Karsten Manufacturing Patent Application!

Do You Sell Used Golf Clubs Online? If So, This Patent Application Should Be Of Interest To You

Northern Golfers, How Do You Satisfy Your Craving for Winter Golf?

You Will Have to See the Latest Published Acushnet Golf Ball Patent Application to Believe It!

Interesting Driver Designed to Prevent Hooks and Slices… Think It Will Make It To The Market?

Driver of the Future? Probably Not

Toss Out Your Cleveland and Vokey Wedges…. Here Is The Next Big Thing!

Golf Club Head of the Future? Probably Not, But Interesting Nonetheless

A Vibration Reducing Golf Glove…. Sound Pretty Good?

The Quest for the Perfect Lighted Golf Ball..... Does It Exist?

Finally, a “Jetdrive” Golf Club Head! Can You Imagine Air Leaving Your Club Head at a “Near Sonic Velocity”?

A Putter for the Classic Car Lovers, Especially if You Love the 1957 Chevy

Having Trouble Reading Your Putts? If So, This Invention May Be Just What You Need

Tired of Using a Sweaty Golf Glove? If so, This Invention May be for You

Can it Be? A Practical Golf Ball Location System

Interesting Patent for Iron Faces Issues to Pixl Golf… Are They Still in Business?

Holy Mackerel, Could this be the Next New Titleist or Cobra Driver?

Can You Imagine Microwave Instructions on a Sleeve of Golf Balls?

What the Heck is This Contraption? A Rather Unusual Golf Related Device Receives Design Patent

Patent Issues On The Use of Goose Droppings as Golf Tees

Can It Be? A Stocking Stuffer Type Golf Training Aide That Looks Pretty Good...

A Couple Tee Time Radio Show Interviews Are Available for Listening

Finally, A “Smart Golf Ball”!

Last Week I Posted About a Fluid-Filled Bladder Golf Club Patent Application… This Week a Patent Issues on a Remarkably Similar Design… Turns Out That Smart Inventors Do Think Alike

A Frog Putter, A Spider Putter, What’s Next?... A Mouse Putter, of Course

What Gets the Testosterone Flowing on the Golf Course? (A) Hit a 300+ Yard Drive, (B) Make a Hole-in-One, or (C) Hop on Your Golf Scooter (that has “balance wheels’”) and Scurrying Around the Course

If I Gave You a High Surface Friction Golf Ball Would You Expect More Spin or Less Spin When You Hit it With a Wedge? How About When Struck With Your Driver?

A Post About Fluid-Filled Bladders

How Would You Like the Opportunity to Ride Your Golf Bag Around the Course?

Golf Clubs Simply Need Wings and Fins! Can So Many Inventors Be Wrong?

I Would Do Almost Anything To Improve My Game, But I Am Not Sure That I Would Strap Myself Into This Contraption

Does Your Putting Need Some Work? This Invention May Be Just What You Need

Get Your Alpha Case Crystals In Order!

The Latest Invention Intended to Eliminate the Lost Golf Ball

Do You Recall ShaftSkinz from the Fore Inventors Only Show? Well, This Invention Sounds a lot Like a ShaftSkinz for the Flag Stick…

If You Love Technology and Golf, Then These Irons May be for You

Does the Golf Shoe of the Future Include a Sensor, a Controller, and an Active-Response Element? Acushnet May Think So…

Have You Ever Thought About Adding Volcanic Rock Fibers to Your Clubs? Don’t Worry, Nike Has Thought About it for You

Would You Buy Liquid Filled Golf Balls? I Am Starting To Think That I Would

Toss Out Your Trusted Titleist Vokey Wedge, Burn That Beautiful Old Cleveland Wedge That You Know Better Than Your Family Members… The Wedge of the Future has Been Patented

Yet Another Adjustable Driver… Will It Ever Make it to Market?

If Only I Had This Club When I Was Younger, Perhaps I Would Be on Tour

This Putter is Too Radical for Me

One for the Fishing Golfers… Although I Am Not Sure it is Really an Invention

Yet Another Swing Training Device Invention… An Armband, Bungee Cord, and Hosel Clamp

Golf Geeks Get Ready… There is Finally a Replacement for Your Combination Watch / Calculator, and It Tracks Which Clubs You Hit During Your Round…

Finally, No More Having to Remember What Type of Golf Ball You Are Playing, Let Alone that Pesky Number… Forget About Having to Mark Your Golf Ball… Just Remember What it Smells Like

Hot New Golf Invention? “Waterproof Protective Overshoe for Golf Shoes”… Could They Ever Sell Enough of These to Cover the Cost of the Patent Application?

Another Driving Range Invention With Special Application to ALL the Double Decker Driving Ranges in the United States

What Could Make Your Time at the Driving Range More Interesting? How About Universal Product Codes on the Balls and an Automated Scoring System

Just What Every Course Needs… Advertising in the Cup

Golf Grass Patents Are Far and Few Between… A Post for the Golfer with a Green Thumb

There is No Shortage of Brain Power in the Golf Industry!

Everyone Has Heard of Hybrid Golf Clubs, but What About Hybrid Golf Balls

The IP Golf Guy Goes International – OK, That May be Stretching It, But I was Interviewed by the UK’s “Pods and Blogs” Radio Show on BBC Radio 5 Live

Golf Product of the Week… The Golf Club Ring

Club Head Adjustability Patents… Did the Club Manufacturers Predict the Recently Proposed USGA Rule Changes Years in Advance?

Don’t Putt Like This or You May Get Sued for Patent Infringement… Do You Need a Freedom-to-Practice Opinion before Changing Your Swing?

Review of the Seventh Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – A Pleasant Surprise… America Gets to Vote on the Winner

Yet Another Swing Training Device Patent… I Can't Decide Whether it Would be Helpful, Hurtful, or Useless

A Salute to Aerodynamic Genius in the Golf Industry; Part 1 – Why Not Let Air Pass Through the Club Head?

Huge Antique Golf Club Auction and Exhibition in NYC

The Perfect Driver… Why Can’t I Find This Club?

Review of the Sixth Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – Snooze…I Wish I Was Watching a Recording So That I Could Have Fast-Forwarded Through the Sales Training (i.e. the first 30 minutes)

Odd Club of the Week – Taking Square to the Wedge

I Couldn’t Make This Up… Patent Issues for Golf Ball Lubricant!

Review of the Fourth Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel - The Start of Field Testing

The Next Step in Club Head Adjustability? Acushnet’s COR Adjustment Patent

Perhaps Sergio’s Next Putter?

Review of the Third Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – Could They Squeeze in Any More GolfSmith Plugs?

The Solution to Your Putting Woes? Think We Will See One on Tour Soon?

Review of the Second Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – Is Stina the Only Judge with Common Sense?

A Patent titled “Roadway-Transportable Artificial Golf Practice Green Apparatus”… What are They Thinking!

Review of the First Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – A Lot of Whiffs and Shanks, but a Fun Show to Watch