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Hot New Golf Swing Practice Device or Next Big Flop?

A Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Patent Application Publishes! Should Contain All Sorts of Cool Ball Fitting Information, Right?

Talk About Alternative Energy! Why Not Generate Electrical Power From The Impact Of A Golf Club And Golf Ball?

Grooves of the Future?

Is Foam the Future of PING? Probably Not, But Check Out This Interesting Karsten Manufacturing Patent Application!

Have Enough Fiber in Your Diet? How About in Your Golf Ball?

Bridgestone Hosel Bling! What Are They Thinking

The Future of Taylor Made Drivers? Will This Design Ever Make it to Store Shelves?

The Quest for the Perfect Lighted Golf Ball..... Does It Exist?

Can You Imagine Microwave Instructions on a Sleeve of Golf Balls?

Finally, A “Smart Golf Ball”!

The Continued Quest to Prevent Hosel Rockets

If I Gave You a High Surface Friction Golf Ball Would You Expect More Spin or Less Spin When You Hit it With a Wedge? How About When Struck With Your Driver?

A Post About Fluid-Filled Bladders

Golf Clubs Simply Need Wings and Fins! Can So Many Inventors Be Wrong?

Get Your Alpha Case Crystals In Order!

The Latest Invention Intended to Eliminate the Lost Golf Ball

Have You Ever Thought About Adding Volcanic Rock Fibers to Your Clubs? Don’t Worry, Nike Has Thought About it for You

Would You Buy Liquid Filled Golf Balls? I Am Starting To Think That I Would

Callaway Granted Interesting Club Head Adjustability Patent

Finally, No More Having to Remember What Type of Golf Ball You Are Playing, Let Alone that Pesky Number… Forget About Having to Mark Your Golf Ball… Just Remember What it Smells Like

Just What Every Course Needs… Advertising in the Cup

Don’t Putt Like This or You May Get Sued for Patent Infringement… Do You Need a Freedom-to-Practice Opinion before Changing Your Swing?

An Interesting Golf Grip Patent Application Publishes

Ever Feel Like You Just Hit a Rock? This Putter is Designed to Feel Like You Hit the Ball with a Rock

Having Trouble Reading the Greens? This Inventor Feels He has the Solution

IP Grab of the Week – Is the National Chiao Tung University Getting Into the Golf Business?

Interesting Golf Grip Patent Applications

IP Grab of the Week – Fu Sheng’s Elastically Deformable Club Head

IP Grab of the Week – Golf Cart with Lightening Protection

IP Grab of the Week – Multiple Material Golf Club Head Tuned to Sound Sweet

IP Grab of the Week – The First Mention of Cleveland Golf on

IP Grab of the Week: Finally an Interesting Golf Club Shaft Patent Application

US Club Designers Beware: Nelson Precision Casting is Positioning Itself to be the Only Club Manufacturer

IP Grab of the Week: Callaway’s Liquid Filled Golf Ball

IP Grab of the Week: PING’s Putter with Shaft Terminating at Club Head Center of Gravity

IP Grab of the Week: Low Center of Gravity Club Head

IP Grab of the Week: Improved Club Sole for Enhanced Elastic Deformation

IP Grab of the Week: Method of Designing Golf Club and Golf Club Head

IP Grab of the Week – What is this Category