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Taking the ProV1 Dispute to the Supreme Court; Perhaps

Book Your Room in Wilmington, Delaware; Re-Trial of ProV1 Litigation Scheduled for the Weeks of March 15, 22, and 29

E-Z-GO versus Club Car; Finally, A Golf Cart Patent Infringement Battle

A Battle of the Spikes; Yet Another Golf Shoe Spike Patent Infringement Battle

Cleveland Golf Is No Stranger to Protecting Their Brand; Now They Go After Clone Maker King Sports

US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: "Irreconcilably Inconsistent Jury Verdicts" Results in Remand for a New Trial Regarding the Original ProV1 Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Acushnet's Appeal to CAFC Successful in ProV1 Golf Ball Patent Litigation with Callaway

Cleveland Golf’s Mystery Shopper Reveals Alleged Counterfeiters and Results in IP Infringement Lawsuit

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Don’t Mess With the USGA; USGA Sues ISaAC Scoring Systems for Trademark Infringement

The Love Continues: Callaway Sues Acushnet Regarding the Converted 2007 Pro V1’s and the New 2009 Pro V1x Golf Balls; Acushnet Sues Callaway Regarding the Tour i and Tour ix Golf Balls

Great IP Video Library Dedicated to all of You that Just Can’t Learn Enough about Intellectual Property

Hippo Golf on the Receiving End of Another Trademark Infringement Lawsuit, This Time Over Alleged Imitation “Mitsubishi Rayon” Golf Shafts

Proof That No Business Can Ignore Patents; Greg Norman Interactive Named in Patent Infringement Lawsuit Regarding a “Size Adjustable Hat!”

Bridgestone Wants Some Information Redacted from the ProV1 Litigation Court Order, But Why?

GolfTech Wins & the Dancin’ Dogg Loses

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New Golf Courses.... Take More Care in Selecting Your Names; It Will Save A Ton of Money in the Long Run!

True to Their Words, Acushnet Appeals

Just Like Justin Timberlake, I Will Only Be Playing Callaway Golf Balls for the Next 12 Months

Callaway and Acushnet Settle!

The ProV1 Litigation Update: Get Them While You Can.... Permanent Injunction Granted and No ProV1's Beyond 2008!

GPS Litigation Update: What Do the Phrases “Locating the Position of the Cup” and “Storing the Position of the Cup” Mean?

ProV1 Litigation Update – Acushnet Updates the Court Regarding the USPTO’s Views of the Callaway Patents

What Organization Do You Associate With The Phrase “Share Your Passion”?

Big John Don’t Get No Respect & Has to Sue Hippo Golf Again

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Golf Shoe Spike Patent Infringement – This Time Greenkeepers is on the Receiving End

Lamkin Grips is Now in the Crosshairs of Grip Master (another golf grip patent infringement case)

A 3rd Golf GPS Patent Infringement Lawsuit in 15 Months! This Time ABC National Television Sales is Also Thrown in the Mix

Five Odyssey Putters Come Under Fire in an IP Infringement Lawsuit

ProV1 Litigation Update – Callaway Responds With Their Own Letter to the Court

Don’t Use the Ryder Cup® Trademark Without Approval of the PGA of America; They Will Sue!

ProV1 Patent Litigation Update – Will Any of the Patents-in-Suit Survive Reexamination?

A Look Inside the Callaway versus Acushnet Golf CLUB Patent Infringement Litigation

A Second Golf Bag Related Patent Infringement Litigation Case in Less than 2 Months! This Time Bag Boy Takes on Sun Mountain

The Tables Turn in the GPS Industry… Yet Another GPS Patent Infringement Case

Is the 107th US Open Winner Angel Cabrera a Patent Infringer? All PING Rapture Users May Be.....

Callaway Hyper X and Hyper X Tour Added to the List of Clubs Accused of Infringing Acushnet’s Golf Club Patents

Think You Could Buy a Real Cleveland Wedge for $30? It Would be Nice, But Get Real! Cleveland Golf Sues an Alleged Counterfeiter

More Patent Infringement Litigation in the Golf Industry..... West Coast Trends Inc. (aka The Makers of Club Glove Travel Bags) Sues Armor Gear for Patent Infringement

John Daly Awarded $2.7 Default Judgment Against Hippo Holdings and Sues Hippo Golf Company

Will the Court Order an Injunction Regarding Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls? If So, Will the Court Stay the Injunction Pending Acushnet's Appeal?

Callaway Golf’s Reply in Support of Their Previous Motion for Permanent Injunction is In! Now the Motion is Fully Briefed and Ready for Action by the Court, PLUS My Prediction

Another Golf GPS Range Finder Patent Infringement Lawsuit Update

Clone Golf Club Makers GigaGolf and KrookedStix Fold to Nike and Agree to Permanent Injunction… King Sports Decides to Fight

Acushnet Responds to Callaway’s Motion for Permanent Injunction… The Redacted Version Is In and It Even Contains a Reference to this Blog!

An Update on the Titleist ProV1 Patent Infringement Battle

Nike Golf Sued for Patent Infringement by Saso Golf

Acushnet Responds to Callaway’s Motion for Permanent Injunction… Unfortunately, it is Not Accessible to the Public!

Callaway Golf Sued for Patent Infringement by Ogio

Maker of the SuperStroke Putter Grip (made famous by KJ) Sues Tacki-Mac Grips and Energy Grips for Golf Grip Patent Infringement

The Saga Continues... Acushnet Files Motion and Brief Requesting Judgment as a Matter of Law Regarding the Invalidity of Callaway's Patents, OR a New Trial

TaylorMade Answers Dogleg Right’s Golf Club Patent Infringement Accusations

Golf GPS Lawsuit Update

Acushnet Serves Subpoena on the USGA!

Callaway Seeks Permanent Injunction… Is There A Risk That Titleist ProV1’s Will No Longer Be Available?

Defendant King Sports Responds to Callaway’s Allegations