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Want to be Known as “That Guy” & Offend Every Woman at Your Club?

Why I Love This Game

Matty G the Inventor! Say What

Been Chunking Your Putts? A Dual Purpose Putter May be the Answer

Cobra Golf Sued for Someone Else’s Product

Do Golfers Really Want to Customize Their Balls? Nike Golf Must Think So

The Next USGA Initiative to Grow the Game

Concerned That Your Tee Height is Not Perfect?

This is One Way to Prove to Your Golfing Partners that You are a Playa!

A New Breakthrough in Foot Wedge Technology

Breakthrough Golf Product of 2013?

Clearly the World’s Most Aerodynamic Golf Club Head

Would You Wear These Glasses if They Would Improve Your Game?

My Bill Haas Shot; Think I Pulled it Off?

Want to Make a Name for Yourself at the Course? This Golf Invention Will Help You Out

It Takes a Real Golf Nut to Appreciate this Golf Patent

Tired of Getting Your Golf Shoes and Trousers Dirty when Playing Out of a Hazard?

New Putting Style Destined for the Tour

Would it Work? Bomb Your Drives with a Little Magnetic Help

Would it Work? Driver Head with “Flowing Moving Part”

Rick, Mitt, and Newt Sued Yesterday for Patent Infringement

They Patented What? An Invention That Will Show Any Swing Flaws

The New Nike Tour Ball Ball?

Tribute to Steve Jobs, His First Patent

An Invention That My Beloved Buckeye Football Team Could Use

Forget About “Tee it Forward,” This is the Way to Make Golf More Fun

The Perfect Gift for the Golfer that has Everything (and too much time on their hands)

Just What Every Golfer Needs

Just What Every Golfer Needs in Their Arsenal

The Best New Year's Eve an Ohio Golfer Can Have

Just in Time for Christmas; A True Game Changer!

Another Invention for the “Just What Every Golfer Needs” File

The Dirtiest Sounding Golf-Related Invention I Have Come Across

You Gotta Be Kidding Me! Check Out This Patent Application

Freddie’s New Prototype Bridgestone Driver?

Do Your Shafts Have Enough Fullerene? Perhaps Insulting Senior Golfers Is a Good IP Strategy

What Has This Inventor Been Smoking?

How Can You Go Wrong With An Elephant Hazard On A Golf Course

More Entertaining Golf Patent Drawings

Northern Golfers, How Do You Satisfy Your Craving for Winter Golf?

What Golfer Wouldn’t Want a “Straight Shot Golf Club”? Well, I Would Have to Pass on This One

Bridgestone Hosel Bling! What Are They Thinking

The Swiss Army Knife of Golf Inventions

Remember the Golf Ball Gun from “Fore Inventors Only” Fame?

Finally, Just What Every Golfer Has Been Waiting For….. The Golf Club Urinal

Finally, a “Jetdrive” Golf Club Head! Can You Imagine Air Leaving Your Club Head at a “Near Sonic Velocity”?

Does Your Golf Bag Need Some Bling? These Clubs May Be the Answer

Patent Issues On The Use of Goose Droppings as Golf Tees

Another Look at Patented Putting Strokes

Valentine’s Day Special: The “Sweetheart Putter”

How Would You Like the Opportunity to Ride Your Golf Bag Around the Course?

Golf Clubs Simply Need Wings and Fins! Can So Many Inventors Be Wrong?

I Would Do Almost Anything To Improve My Game, But I Am Not Sure That I Would Strap Myself Into This Contraption

Finally, A Golf Hat That Will Improve Your Game!

Does Your Putting Need Some Work? This Invention May Be Just What You Need

So You Want to File Your Own Patent Application… Here is an Example of What Not to Do

A Salute to Aerodynamic Genius in the Golf Industry; Part 2 – Fins… They Work on Airplanes and Boats… Why Not Golf Club Heads?

What is Wrong with this Golf Patent Application Drawing?

What is Wrong with this Patent Drawing? (... what happens if your patent lawyer / drafter isn’t a golfer...)

The IP Golf Guy Goes International – OK, That May be Stretching It, But I was Interviewed by the UK’s “Pods and Blogs” Radio Show on BBC Radio 5 Live

Don’t Putt Like This or You May Get Sued for Patent Infringement… Do You Need a Freedom-to-Practice Opinion before Changing Your Swing?

Review of the Seventh Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – A Pleasant Surprise… America Gets to Vote on the Winner

A Salute to Aerodynamic Genius in the Golf Industry; Part 1 – Why Not Let Air Pass Through the Club Head?

Funny Stuff... Check Out This List of Weird Laws from Around the World

I Don’t Perform My Own Dentistry… “The Perfect Golf Tee” Patent Application Illustrates Why Most People Should Not Attempt to Draft Their Own Patent Applications

Only an Attorney Could State “Acushnet does not dispute that Nick Price is a popular and PERHAPS skilled professional golfer” (emphasis added)

Review of the Third Episode of “Fore Inventors Only” on The Golf Channel – Could They Squeeze in Any More GolfSmith Plugs?

Your Web Address is Intellectual Property… Choose With Care…

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