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Callaway Golf Spoiler Alert; Seriously, A Spoiler Alert!

You Know What Hosels Have Been Missing? A Few Joints of Course

These Irons Look Like Something Phil Would Love

Want to Add Some Excitement to Your Practice? Are You Brave Enough for This Training Aid?

Callaway Golf’s Next Hot Driver? Perhaps the Big Bertha?

Clubs So Ugly That They are Cute!

Guess the Wedge Game

The Next USGA Initiative to Grow the Game

The First Look at the Next PING Driver

Let the Speculation Begin; Is This the New PING S-series Iron?

PING’s New Driving Iron

How Long Before Football Fields Have to Increase in Length?

Herringbone Pattern Fans Will Love These Nike Grooves

There Goes My Retirement Plan; Blocked Out of the Golf Figurine Market

Clearly the World’s Most Aerodynamic Golf Club Head

Mickelson Scores Another Patent

The Future of Golf Ball Technology?

Will This Be The Club That Turns Callaway Around? More Likely, Will These Irons Ever Make It To The Market?

How Much Do You Love Your Golf Clubs

It Seems that a Callaway Aerodynamic Hosel Product is Inevitable

The Rest of the Story re Callaway’s Aerodynamic Hosel Patents

Would it Work? A Spring Loaded Golf Ball

Would it Work? Driver Head with “Flowing Moving Part”

Hosel Mounted Riflescope Technology (RST) Patent Issues

Can I Interest You in Some Ridged Scorelines?

Golf Grip of the Future

What Does it Take to Put the Meanest Grooves on a Club Face?

They Patented What? An Invention That Will Show Any Swing Flaws

Callaway’s “Secret” Patent Application (Now Patent)

Bringing Adjustability to the Golf Ball

Year in Review

A Grip for All You Cold Weather Golfers

Who Invented the Long Putter?

A Golf Invention With a Great ROI

Aerodynamic High-MOI Driver Ahead of Its Time

An Invention That My Beloved Buckeye Football Team Could Use

Chalk One Up for the USGA

Can A Golf Shirt Help You Play Better?

Get Ready to Scratch Your Head and Say “Why Didn’t I Think of That”

I Can’t Wait for the Rollout of this Nike Golf Invention

It Won’t Be Long Before We Are Wearing Air Conditioned Golf Shoes

A Third Unique Hosel Design Patent for Callaway

Putting Woes? This Golf Invention May be the Solution

The Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) Patent

The Perfect Gift for the Golfer that has Everything (and too much time on their hands)

Another Unusual Hosel Design from Callaway; Are They Onto Something, or Searching for a Miracle

The New Look of Callaway Drivers?

Will This Nike Putter Make it to the Market?

Just What Every Golfer Needs in Their Arsenal

Bridgestone Granted Biodegradable Golf Ball Patent

How Do You Take the Subjectivity Out of Evaluating the “Feel” of a Golf Club? Well, this Bridgestone Golf Patent Explains how They do it

Is Anything More Fascinating Than the Aerodynamics of a Golf Ball?

Having Trouble Getting Enough Spin on Your Wedge Shots?

Kim Adds Some Bling to Golf Clubs

The Perfect Driver for Golf Purists

TaylorMade’s “Secret” Driver Patent Application (Now Patent)

Want to Estimate Your Golf Ball Launch Conditions? Brush Up on Your Math

Is this Golf Ball Technology Too Advanced, or are You Ready for It?

Are Fluid Filled Irons on the Horizon?

Is Their One Best Method of Achieving the Optimal Golf Stance? An Australian Inventor Thinks So and Has Patented It

Need Some Instant Feedback On Your Swing? This Invention May Be for You

A Big Day for Lefty; Golf Club Designer Phil Mickelson Granted His Second Patent

Incorporate This Golf Invention Into a Smart Phone App and I Would Lower My Handicap Quickly

Did You Know That the Markings on Your Golf Ball Can Control the “Orbit of the Head, Ballistic Trajectory or Impact Point”

How Would You Like One Consistent Putting Stroke, Regardless of the Speed of the Greens

Furyk’s New Srixon Driver?

Is This Club Manufacturing Method Crazy or Beautifully Genius?

A Golfer Can Dream of the Day that a Golf Swing Training Kiosk is in Every Mall and Airport

A Future Generation of Taylor Made Drivers?

Putting Woes? How About a New Grip for the New Year

GolfNow Receives Patent for an “Online Golf Reservation System”

There is No Doubt That This Practice Putter Will Reveal Your Putting Flaws

Has the Golf Ball Dimple Reached the End of its Useful Life?

What’s Scotty Been Up To?

Bridgestone’s Latest Golf Ball Patent, I Bet You Have Never Seen a Dimple Like This

Will Callaway Move Away from Their HEX Aerodynamics Technology?

Round 2: Inventions Directed to Controlling the Lower Body During a Golf Swing

Callaway Received a Patent on the “C-Shaped Golf Club Head”; Will This Club Actually Make it to the Market?

Want to Reduce the Scatter of Your Tee Shots? Author of Several Golf Club R&D Books Receives Interesting Elastic Club Head Patent That May Help Out

Do You Love Golf Enough To Try This Swing Training Aide?

Forget About Dual Durometer Grips; How About Variable Durometer Grips!

What’s Your Vector Victor? Check Out SRI Sports’ Swing Diagnosis System

Grab Your Tape Measure, Patent Issues on the Proper Way to Determine the Ideal Shaft Length

Need a Few More Thoughts in Your Head as You Address the Ball? Try Wondering About Whether Your Ball has a Dimple Pattern Based on a Hexagonal Dipyramid Polyhedron!

Cool Bridgestone Golf Ball Dimple Patent Issued This Week, Could It Be The Key To Gaining Those Few Extra Yards?

What Has This Inventor Been Smoking?

Do You Really Understand the Technology in Your Golf Shaft? Harrison Sports Granted Interesting Golf Shaft Patent

How Can You Go Wrong With An Elephant Hazard On A Golf Course

This Club May Be A Tough Sell, Even for Callaway (but I would give it a try... for sure)

How Is Your Knowledge of Electromagnetic Field Theory, Soddy Circles, and Circle Packing Theory? Fortunately Acushnet’s Golf Ball Engineers Know a Little About These Subjects

Another Interesting Putting Training Device; The Magic of Magnets!

Northern Golfers, How Do You Satisfy Your Craving for Winter Golf?

Cool Golf Grip Patents Don’t Come Along Everyday, So Check This Out!

Does Your Club Face Need Some Engineered Texturing? Taylor Made Thinks So!

Would You Play Better Golf If Your Spikes Could Rotate?

Club Face Adjustability, Is It The Next Big Thing?

An Interesting Putter Utility Patent Issued Yesterday. Can It Correct “Inherent Visual Inaccuracies?”

The Dual Durometer Putter Face Insert Patent

Interesting Putter UTILITY Patent Issues on a Putter that You May Recognize

“An Aid for Viewing a Golf Putting Green to Assist in Discerning the Subtle Variations in the Putting Surface,” Sound Good?