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Male or Female Inventor? High-Heel Golf Shoes

Golf Fashion and Intellectual Property

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Crazy Golf Invention of the Week

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Golf Fashion and Intellectual Property

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One Million Degrees of Club Head Adjustability

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A Different Spin, Twist, or Rotation on Moveable Weight Technology

Callaway’s Next Step in Adjustability? I Hope Not

Tired of Your Ball Falling Off the Tee?

Another Training Product that I Would Buy (and probably leave unused in my trunk)

A Potential New Wedge Buzzword Emerges

Forget About Replacing the Face of Your Wedge

Think You Could Conquer this Golf Swing Training Aid? I am Betting Against You

Do You Putt to the Beat of a Different Drummer?

Putting Woes? Perhaps this Putting Practice Ball is the Solution

How Many Fish Could You Have Fed if Every Golf Ball You Hit into the Water Turned into Fish Food?

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What Have Golf Balls Been Missing? Apparently a Little Bling

Golf Balls versus Greenhouse Gases

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Dangerous Disaster or Good for the Game?

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Verizon Eyes Golfers

The Perfect Sunday Post Combines Golf and Football

Finally an Interesting Golf Bag Invention

Are Golfers Ready for Virtual Reality on the Golf Course?

Genius, Genius but Impossible to Pull Off, or Just Plain Wacky?

Golf Swing Training Patent Application Sparked My Interest Enough to Buy the Product

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Do You Know What RIP Stands For?

The New “Wind Tunnel” Driver

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More Interesting Driver Designs from Nike Golf

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Hub and Spoke Driver Design

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