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The IP Golf Guy Discusses Small Business IP Strategy Baby Steps on The Small Business Advocate® Radio Program

I was honored to be a guest on the nationally syndicated The Small Business Advocate® radio show this morning. Jim Blasingame and I discussed some steps that small business owners can take to begin the process of strategically thinking about intellectual property. Feel free to listen to the interview HERE....<< MORE >>

What’s Next for Bridgestone Golf?

As if Bridgestone Golf doesn’t have enough golf balls on the market, they recently filed a trademark application announcing their intent to use the _____ _____ mark on a line of golf balls. Will the industry circle back from solid core golf balls to _____? Can’t wait to see the Trevino commercial for these! << MORE >>

While We Are On The Subject of Golf Glasses….

Check out the golf glasses disclosed in a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20130150173 titled “Golf Training Glasses and Method of Use Thereof.”.... What do you think, any chance these would help your game?<< MORE >>

Is Your Golf Game Ready for a Heads-Up Display?

Forget about Google Glass! Golfers need to dream of Nike’s Golf Glass. A recent Nike patent application published as.... Wicked cool! How many years before this is reality?....<< MORE >>

What is with Nike Golf’s Love of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Coatings?

Well, it just makes sense. As I stated in a prior post, everything I read in their patent applications about hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings seems like such a good idea (albeit one that sounds much easier to say than do) that I am left wondering whether it has been done before. As you may recall, back in 2010 I posted about one of their patent applications directed to a golf club having hydrophobic and hydrophilic portions. Then, in 2011 I posted about a patent application directed to a golf ball with a hydrophilic coating such that when the ball gets wet the dimples become shallower and the coating becomes softer. This week the love affair with hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings continued as a patent application published as.... << MORE >>

Adjustable Bounce Wedges; Who Did it Better?

This week Acushnet had a patent application published directed to a “reversible sole” iron design that allows a golfer to adjust a club head's bounce. This is not a new concept, as evidenced by these prior posts about similar attempts by Bridgestone Golf and Nike Golf. So, who did it best? There is no question in my mind....<< MORE >>

Come on USGA, While We’re Young!

The tag line “While We’re Young” should not apply only to slow play but also to trademark protection. It appears that someone aims to take advantage of the USGA’s slow play by....<< MORE >>

A New Callaway Golf Product Line Named....

On June 18th Callaway Golf announced their intent to launch a line of ______ _______ _______ golf clubs by filing THIS trademark application. Frankly it is nice seeing a product name without an X in it. Good work!<< MORE >>

Concerned That Your Tee Height is Not Perfect?

Some golfers are meticulous about the elevation of their golf ball on a tee. Personally I love watching these golfers when they arrive at a tee box that is just a little bit uneven. Are you “that guy?” You know, the one that gets to the tee box and tees up on the far right edge, takes a practice swing, decides that the ball is too low, raises the tee, then tries to tilt the tee slightly forward to gain that extra six inches on the drive, the ball falls off the tee, tees up again, takes another practice swing, and then decides that the tee box is not level on the right side, or too spongy, and proceeds to repeat the process on the left side of the tee box. Don’t be ashamed; scratch that, you should be ashamed, however you are not alone...<< MORE >>

Is Cobra Golf Getting Back in the Putter Market?

A design patent issued last month to Cobra Golf suggesting they may launch a line of putters. I suspect a lot of golfers would welcome more players in the putter market; I just hope the initial product line has a little more sizzle than this design. Check it out.... Yawn; a pass for me unless it was wittled by Ian Poulter and finished by Rickie Fowler.... << MORE >>

Best New Putter Related Trademark Application

On June 10th _________ filed a trademark application for the trademark ____________. Great name!<< MORE >>

An Iron Invention for All the Forged-Iron Snobs

You know who you are. The guy at the club that has an index of 5, doesn’t post any scores over 85 although 75% of their scores are over 85, plays to an index of 20+, is always “working through” a swing change, and insists that he needs a forged iron because he likes to “work” the ball and can feel the difference in a cast head, or even the feel of a grain-flow forged head versus a form-forged head versus a traditional forged head. As annoying as this vanity-handicapping, swing-coach obsessed, flat-bill wearing, collar-popping group of golfers is, the golf industry needs them. They are the cash cows of golf consumers. A recently published Acushnet patent application will have these players salivating, and for good reason, the invention sounds great (particularly for such highly skilled golfers). Unfortunately I suspect this may be one of those inventions that is a lot easier to explain on paper than it is to carry out in the factory.... Are you buying the statement “post manufacturing machining causes bad feel?” Not me, but it has the potential of being a pretty unique iron (if they can pull it off). Place your bets, will a co-forged Titleist iron make it to the market in the next 5 years? << MORE >>

One of the More Interesting Recent Putter Inventions

Today Nike Golf had a rather interesting patent application publish as US Pub. No. 20130137533 titled “Golf Club Head Or Other Ball Striking Device Utilizing Energy Transfer.” It reminds me of a post from 3 years ago regarding a PING dynamically variable MOI driver. Check this out!...<< MORE >>

One Inventor That Won’t Be Happy About the Anchoring Ban

Timing is everything! Check out this chipper.... The sad thing is that until recently there was probably a niche market for such a club. << MORE >>

Are PING Players Ready for “The Turbulator”?

Turbulator; we don’t need no stinking turbulator! Well, unless golfers believe that it will help them add a few yards to their drives. Check out the PING driver design found in a patent application that published last week.... While I wouldn’t even notice the turbulators, I wonder what PING purists would say.<< MORE >>

Possible Sighting of the New PING i25 Irons (or Anser, Ladies, Juniors,...)

Since the sole thickness and topline thickness are a close match to the i25, I am going to guess that this is either the new i25 irons or Anser irons. The cavity design appears more consistent with the i-series of irons. What do you think?....<< MORE >>

Let the Speculation Begin; Is This the New PING S-series Iron?

Could it be? I would bet on YES. Check out these irons!.... << MORE >>

PING’s New Driving Iron

Perhaps. Check out the club head found in a design patent that issued today.... << MORE >>

Nike Golf Covert Driver Designs that Didn’t Make the Cut (or may be the next generation)

Golf equipment companies come up with a lot of club head designs in the process of developing one commercial product, majority of which golfers never get to see. Fortunately their patent applications often reveal some of the hidden gems that for one reason or another did not survive the process, or may be a glimpse of a future generation product. Check out these Covert driver designs!.... My favorite is.... Which one would you have brought to the market?<< MORE >>

MOI Was the Buzz Word for Driver Marketing a Few Years Ago; Will it become a Golf Ball Buzz Word?

Three years ago I wrote about an interesting variable MOI driver design disclosed in a Karsten (aka PING) patent application (read about it here); but this week I want to examine what Acushnet has in mind for a variable MOI golf ball. Yep, you read that correctly, a variable MOI golf ball! Get past all the words that most of us can’t pronounce let alone spell and there is some interesting disclosure in the application. For instance.... Interesting for sure, but would such a ball be “conforming”?<< MORE >>

Guess Who Plans to Launch a JAILBIRD Line of Products

A recent trademark application filed by __________ indicates that they plan to use the JAILBIRD trademark in association with golf clubs, golf bags, and head covers for golf clubs. What is the likelihood we will see a JAILBIRD line of clubs? My prediction: ___%. << MORE >>

This is One Way to Prove to Your Golfing Partners that You are a Playa!

It takes a certain mojo to pull off the use of this golf invention. Perhaps Charles Barkley could do it, but few others need try....<< MORE >>

The Masters Golf Tourney and Intellectual Property

Hard to believe it is already that time of year; specifically the time of year that I recycle prior posts about the Masters golf tournament and intellectual property.... Augusta's trademark portfolio.... Masters champions that are inventors.... trademark litigation.... << MORE >>

Is Golf Ready for a "Thermoreactive Face"?

Guess which golf equipment company filed a patent application directed to a "thermoreactive face." The answer is at the bottom of this post. The patent application published as US Pub. No. 20130085012 titled "Golf Club Head or Other Ball Striking Device with Thermoreactive Face." Think about the moment of impact between a club head and a golf ball; all that energy transferred so quickly. Ever wonder about the temperature increase of the club face?....<< MORE >>

Would it Work? A Floating Ball Within a Sphere Within a Club Head

How many yards would you gain with this driver? More appropriately, “would it work?”....<< MORE >>

A New Breakthrough in Foot Wedge Technology

How long would it take you to kick a golf ball around 9 holes? More importantly, could you do it without ending the round with a distinct limp? A long time, and no! Regardless, it would be fun to try this golf invention at least once.... Looks fun, but it would be more fun playing a round in which the penalty for taking a double-par or worse would be that you had to play the next hole only using your feet.... << MORE >>

Place Your Bets, Will We See This Technology in a PING Driver?

As I have said before, PING drivers are known for their classic simple designs. Purists love the designs, but some would suggest they are old-school (ahem, not loaded with technology). Nonetheless, they always seem to perform, even without 10 different technology acronyms plastered to the product. That may soon change. Today an interesting patent application published.... Now the million dollar question, is this technically and economically feasible or is it just another R&D project that will never see the light of day?....<< MORE >>

Guess the Year of this Golf Ball Dimple Patent

Check out these dimple patterns and take a guess as to the year that the patent issued.... Unlike most modern dimple pattern patents this patent is not directed to flight aerodynamics but rather to a method of improving the visibility of the ball in flight. Specifically, the patent discloses a flexible “mirror-like metallic film” within the dimples....<< MORE >>

Would it Work? A “Force Focusing Golf Club”

Time for a new addition to the “Would it Work” category of posts. Check out this “Force Focusing Golf Club” patent (USPN 3,817,522) from 1974 and come to your own conclusion. The patent describes the invention as.... My prediction....<< MORE >>

Grudge Match: Adjustability versus Your “Normal Approach to Grasping the Club” – Are They Fighting One Another?

Cobra Golf believes the battle is on. While I want to smugly say “ridiculous,” they may be onto something (ignoring for the moment that I have yet to play with a golfer that regularly adjusts their club settings)..... The application had my attention because it isn’t very often that we see a major club OEM filing patent applications on grips. The application goes on to explain.... Interesting, very interesting.<< MORE >>

How Long Before Football Fields Have to Increase in Length?

Golf purists often argue that the modern golf ball has ruined the game. Is it just a matter of time before the football analysts are making the same arguments and demanded that the football’s performance needs to be rolled back?..... Oh no, more spin, increased stability, longer and more accurate travel; sounds familiar. Is this the end of the “prolate spheroid body” that we know and love?.... << MORE >>

Golf Inventions Gone Wild

Don’t pull this invention out while playing a round of golf with me unless you want to see my head explode (and learn how fast I can turn my pitching wedge into a deadly accurate spear). The invention looks like a foolproof way to annoy everyone in your group and have the ability to bring play to a screeching halt is found in.... I try not to give unsolicited advice, but if you ever utter the words “guys go ahead and hit, I have a tough lie and need to get a second opinion from the call center,” please remove yourself from the golf course and destroy your clubs. Thank you.....<< MORE >>

Keep Your Eyes Open for a New “Power Frame”

We know Callaway’s drivers have the “Speed Frame” face, but it will be interesting to see what __________ has planned for their “Power Frame.” They recently file a trademark application seeking to register the Power Frame trademark for use with everything from clubs and shafts to bags, gloves, tees, and head covers. Pretty broad range of products, I have to wonder....<< MORE >>

Guess Who Plans to Launch a GEAR HEAD Line of Products

A recent trademark application filed by ___________ indicates that they plan to use the GEAR HEAD trademark in association with golf clubs, golf bags, and head covers for golf clubs. It will be interesting to see if this is a new product line or if they use the mark more as a tagline....<< MORE >>

What's Next in Adjustability? Perhaps Adjustable Grooves by Nike Golf

Nike Golf had an interesting patent application publish this week as US Pub. No. 20130017898 titled “Golf Clubs and Golf Club Heads Having Adjustable Characteristics.” The application describes the invention as.... What do you think, will we ever see irons with piezoelectric adjustable grooves?....<< MORE >>

Herringbone Pattern Fans Will Love These Nike Grooves

Will we ever see clubs from Nike Golf with grooves that look like this?.... << MORE >>

Would it Work? Special Alignment Putter Edition

Sometimes the drawings in a patent just draw you in and make you want to learn “the rest of the story.” That was the case when I came across USPN 8,342,983 titled “Golf Putter.” Check out the following figures and description of how this putter will improve your putting, then decide “would it work?”....<< MORE >>

Breakthrough Golf Product of 2013?

Forget about all the corporate press releases, the PGA Show, and the buzz in the forums about the deluge of new golf equipment for 2013, this may be the most unique golf product of the year. Well, probably not.... I smell an endorsement deal for Steve Williams (yes, he has his own Wikipedia entry)!....<< MORE >>

If You Like Bobbleheads Then You Will Love These Head Covers

I am sure the golfers in your foursome would love a gift from you consisting of a head cover with a bobblehead that resembles your mug! Check this out.... << MORE >>

A New PING in 2013?

PING drivers are known for their classic simple designs. Purists love the designs, but in today’s market a little more pizazz may be necessary to maintain their market share. This morning two design patents issued that may give us a glimpse of some new styling queues for PING drivers in 2013. What do you think?.... Party on the sole, business on the crown! Baby steps. Will they have the nerve to paint-fill the grooves with a splash of color, or is going to be black on black?....<< MORE >>

Could a New Handicap System Ever Take Hold?

By now you have probably all read that John Solheim, the chairman and CEO of Ping Golf, wants to rate players' clubs and balls when calculating handicaps. If not,.... When was the last time you saw a press release regarding a patent application that was about to publish? Never. All the buzz inspired me to check it out the application. Surprisingly, it made me yawn and I couldn’t get motivated to even post about the application.... Think about it. How many golfers actually understand the current handicap system?... Anyway, I dismissed the application thinking “this concept will never see the light of day.” A recently filed trademark application has me wondering if I prematurely dismissed the idea. On December 19th a trademark application was filed seeking to register the ______ mark in association with..... Interesting, they must actually have some plans to bring this to the market. I smell a huge flop, although it would be fun to stand on the first tee and say “OK, my index is 9 and your index is 2, so today you have two options so that we play straight-up, you can either (A) play with these hickory shafted blades from 1947 and a reduced distance ball, or (B) allow me to use my 600 cc, 0.9 COR, driver with special curve reducing balls.”....<< MORE >>

Nike Golf’s Twist on the Dimpled Golf Club Head

Recall my recent sarcastic post titled “Clearly the World’s Most Aerodynamic Golf Club Head”? Well, check out Nike Golf’s twist on this old concept.... Think this will be Rory’s new driver?....<< MORE >>

Need Proof of the Value of a Slight Competitive Advantage?

I don’t find myself reading patent applications filed by Microsoft very often, but this one caught my eye. Take a look at this drawing and guess what they are trying to patent (it is golf related).... Did you guess that Microsoft is essentially trying to patent a method of..... Perhaps “peer-to-zoom” is the next “pinch-to-zoom.” Never underestimate the value of something so beautifully simple (and logical).....<< MORE >>

Place Your Bets…. Who Was the First to Try to Protect the Trademark “Arm Anchor”

And the winner is ____________ with his application to register the trademark ARM ANCHOR filed on November 30th. Congratulations! Do I think it will become a registered trademark? I wouldn't hold my breath, but you can’t fault a guy for trying......<< MORE >>

Male or Female Inventor? High-Heel Golf Shoes

Check out the golf shoes disclosed in a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20120266498 titled “golf shoe.”.... What do you think, is the listed inventor a man or a woman?.... The application goes on to explain some of the benefits (besides looking cute) as.... Heck, with those benefits maybe we will start seeing men wear high-heel golf shoes! Now the answer....<< MORE >>

Golf Fashion and Intellectual Property

Patent applications directed to golf shirts don’t come along everyday. Check out this beauty. Would you be a purchaser?....<< MORE >>

Let the Bidding War Begin; Who Will be the Lucky Manufacturer of these Golf Balls, Clubs, Shafts,…..

Forget about a potential long putter ban for a moment and let’s discuss some real golf news. The type that may shake up the industry. Are you familiar with the up and coming golf mogul Onika Tanya Maraj?.... She probably just wants to get out of the entertainment industry and follow her true love, designing golf products....<< MORE >>

There Goes My Retirement Plan; Blocked Out of the Golf Figurine Market

An inventor has received a golf figurine patent just in time for Christmas. Stop laughing; these figurines would sell. Check them out!.... I can easily imagine these beauties for sale in the gift shops of Harbour Town, Pinehurst, or any other destination golf course. Never underestimate the market for golf knickknacks!....<< MORE >>

Callaway Golf Retains Rap Duo Kris Kross for Product Naming

Remember the rap duo Kris Kross? Of course you do, those were good times. While I am not sure if Callaway is launching a product line to honor the rap duo, they did file a trademark application for....<< MORE >>

Most Anticipated Golf Product of the Decade

Yes indeed, _________ filed a trademark application for the mark ___________ for use with “golf game playing equipment in the nature of golf clubs, golf balls, tees, divot tools.” Can’t wait to get my hands on a set of those clubs!....<< MORE >>